Based on industry knowledge (e.g. commercial kitchens, offices, bakeries, retail, transport, automotive industry, dry cleaning, etc) the 3E Project training workshops are designed to help you improve energy efficiency at your business and workplace.

Workshop A: 2-hour Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Awareness Information

  • A 2-hour workshop for anyone interested in learning the basics about Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the workplace. Refreshments are provided.

Workshop B: 2-day Energy Management Skills

  • A more involved two-day workshop for energy efficiency ‘focal point managers’ and Energy Efficiency champions. We suggest you attend Workshop A first or you can contact us for more information about which workshop is suitable for you. Refreshments and lunch are provided.

Workshop B: 3 x half-day Energy Management Skills

  • Same as the 2-day workshop but spread out over three daily sessions of 3 hours each. Refreshments are provided.

Call the 3E Project Team on 1800 611 322 for more information.

The 3E Project is now complete, but you can reach Reduction Revolution Pty Ltd on the above phone number.